At GORD 3D, we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge 3D printing solutions. Our highly sophisticated equipment, expertly handled by field professionals, encompasses 3D scanning for precise digital models, reverse engineering for intricate designs, custom designing for various applications, CAD modeling for virtual realities, metal 3D printing for ambitious projects, and polymer 3D printing with versatile technologies. Additionally, our digital inventory management ensures efficient and on-demand production runs.

Metal 3D Printing
Leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies such as Bound Metal Deposition (BMD) and Direct Laser Melting (DLM), we can bring your most ambitious metal projects to life.
Polymer 3D Printing
We provide a wide range of polymer 3D printing technologies, all designed to redefine the way you perceive polymer fabrication.
Reverse Engineering
Our experts use advanced laser or structured light scanning techniques to capture the smallest details of your components, producing high-resolution 3D models that serve as the foundation for your reverse engineering needs.
Digital Inventory
Our digital warehousing solution offers a seamless and efficient way to manage and store your 3D designs securely.
CAD Modelling
Our CAD Modeling service combines cutting-edge technology with meticulous expertise to turn your idea into fully-fledged virtual realities.
3D Scanning
With our advanced 3D scanning technology, we can create highly accurate digital models of existing objects, allowing businesses to modify or reproduce them as needed.